Radmila - nude model in France


  • I can put myself and follow your ideas as well

  • I'm going to gym, have several years of yoga experience and just started learning pole dance. So im quite flexible and fit, but not an acrobat yet :)

  • I have several lingerie sets, cloth , scarfs , hat. I make underwear myself aussi . If u need - i can send you pictures of items you are interested in and we can choose Some for the shooting before :) I can make basic makeup myself : lashes , tone, shadows, lipstick . Purpose if u need something professional and complicated - better to invite a makeup artist .

  • Also if u need to see my snapshots - there are on my site http://rada-mila.com/snapshots/

  • My full portfolio is on the same website . So i do not make special pics of pussy or show myself nude in skype.

  • Also here I can find my videos : http://rada-mila.com/video/

  • Actually , I'm not in Paris, I aim come quite Often . I do not ask photographer for travel cost to Paris, this I pay myself , purpose That 's why I need Several different shootings to make this trip. (If u live Aim somewhere far from Paris and want me to come there for shooting - May i ask for travel cost Paris-Your City). SinceI always travel for shoots - please respect my time and expenses and do not cancel the shooting short time before .

  • If u ask me to come to your city for a photo shoot - please buy me a ticket yourself and send me online , I will Provide all the information. Option When I buy it, Then u give money is not available Any More. I Had Several accidents When photographers canceled a shoot Shortly before , so i just lost my money . If u buy a ticket - I always come to u.

  • May I ask u to give contacts of Performers Who already made shoots with u - do it for my safety :). I prefer to discuss everything about shooting on website or see all conditions written .

  • I my model and do not Provide Any other service :) So it's not allowed to make or massage me put oil on my body with your own hands or Any other form of indirect sexual :) If u share just put my hand in the right position to make it look good on the picture - it's different and it's ok :)

  • Please write your full offer and conditions in the first message. Looking forward to working with you!

  • Also you can write me on radmila.model@gmail.com

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